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Consultation & Inspections of Used Equipment:

Heavy equipment can come with a heavy price. Know you’re getting what you paid for. We give you the facts needed to base your decision, for a sound investment.

Safety Inspections:

Many safety-minded job sites require daily operator inspections as well as monthly
and annual inspections.

Third-party Crane Inspections: 

OSHA 1910.179 and 1926.1501 mandate all cranes to be inspected annually at a minimum. We are knowledgeable, certified and trusted to make sure your inspections are up to date, and your equipment complies with standard procedure regulations.

DOT (Department of Transportation) Inspections:

To maintain compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards and ensure you're highway equipment is safe for our families.

Planned Maintenance:

As the saying goes, 'Either find the time to maintain your equipment or your equipment will find it for you'. Planned downtime isn’t cheap, but unplanned downtime can be catastrophic to your bottom line. Allow us to help keep that downtime preventable. Checking and changing fluids, belts, filters, cutting edges and other wear items is can be key to ensure maximum uptime when you need it the most.

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